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MummyAccount Dividends

King Tut's Mummy Invested 2 ETH into contract & got 18963.66 M3D tokens. All Dividends of MummyAccount are available for any M3D investor in the world to withdraw by clicking "Get Free ETH" button at the top of exchange page.
Note: You must be lucky enough to get free ETH from Mummy's Dividends as everyone tries to get them at the same time. The transaction which settles first may get free ETH while others gas will be wasted.

M3D Mechanics

10% In, 10% Out, 33% of 10% for Masternode. buyers are limited to buy 1 ETH till balance reaches 200 ETH in contract and then 2 ETH from 200 ETH to 300 ETH and then 3 ETH from 300 ETH to 400 ETH and so on...

A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Mummy3D

1 - What is Mummy3D?

Mummy3D is a new project which lets you invest your Ethereum into a smart contract, passive income system. Mummy3D is not a Ponzi scheme – the system lets you earn a percentage of the Ethereum involved in the purchase or selling of any Mummy3D tokens. In other words, as long as your contract with Mummy3D is active, you’re guaranteed to profit only when an exchange occurs.

2 – MetaMask

The only way to invest in Mummy3D currently is by using MetaMask. MetaMask is a Chrome/Firefox extension functioning as a cryptocurrency wallet. It lets you exchange your Ethereum hassle-free, from the convenience of your browser, with an easy to use interface and a secure identity vault for privacy.

3 – How to use MetaMask?

First, visit and install the extension on your preferred browser. You will see the extension in the top right corner of your browser, and you will need to click on the MetaMask logo there.

After that, choose the option to create a new vault, and type in a safe password. MetaMask will then give you 12 ‘’seed words’’. You need to store those words somewhere safe because you cannot restore your wallet without them.

You’ll need to click on the ‘’Main Ethereum Network’’ option. MetaMask will ask you for your password, which you need to type in and click ‘’unlock’’. From there on you can either buy ETH via MetaMask directly or copy your wallet address and send ETH to it from your preferred exchange or wallet.

4 – Buying/Selling/Withdrawing Mummy3D

Once you’re all set with ETH waiting to be spent on your MetaMask account, Visit while logged in to MetaMask.

Once you’re there, you will be able to buy and sell tokens and reinvest or withdraw your Dividends. You will also have access to seeing the current value of your tokens in ETH, and visit the transparent Smart Contract Robo manager if you wish to see the list of automated transactions.

TUTORIAL GUIDE: Interacting with MetaMask

Setting up and getting on with a new exchange or cryptocurrency plugin can be harder than it looks. MetaMask is no exception. To help you learn the ropes, we have come up with a few short step-by-step manuals. These will have your MetaMask account up-and-running, buying and selling tokens in no time…

Setting up your Metamask Account & Wallet

  • 1. Install the MetaMask plugin on your web browser.
  • 2. After agreeing to their terms and conditions, you will be able to set up a MetaMask wallet or “Vault”.
  • 3. Click the “Create New Vault” option and create your password.
  • 4. Note down the 12 seed words MetaMask will give you – these are important in restoring your vault should an issue arise.

Adding Ethereum Funds to your Metamask Account

Metamask runs on Ethereum. How you proceed depends on how you’re funding your account. Different rules apply if you intend to fund the account via a Coinbase account.

Instructions If Setting up with Coinbase Account

  • 1. In MetaMask, click “Buy”.
  • 2. Click “Continue to Coinbase”, ensuring that the Coinbase option has been selected.
  • 3. On the next page, type in how much USD-worth of Ethereum you would like to buy and send to your MetaMask account.
  • 4. Enter the same email address your Coinbase account belongs to. Then click the “Continue” button. You may be sent an Authorization Code. If so, enter this and continue.
  • 5. Select your preferred payment method and enter any details as necessary.
  • 6. Once all details are finalized, click “Buy” to complete the process. Your purchased Ethereum will transfer to your MetaMask account automatically.

Instructions if Setting up with any Other Account

  • 1. In MetaMask, click “…”
  • 2. Click the “Copy Address to Clipboard” option.
  • 3. Visit the site where you have your Ethereum funds. Your wallet will have a feature for sending or transferring funds. Once you’ve found it, click on it.
  • 4. Transfer your desired amount of Ethereum funds to your MetaMask account.

Sending Ethereum Via Metamask

We have already shown you how to receive funds into your MetaMask account. Now we do the other part – sending Ethereum funds to other extensions.

  • 1. Click the “Send” option.
  • 2. Enter the address for the wallet you want to send the Ethereum funds to.
  • 3. Enter the amount of Ethereum you want to send.
  • 4. Click “Send”.
  • 5. After confirming the transaction details, click “Accept”. Your funds will transfer to the other wallet automatically.

Adding M3D Tokens to Metamask

  • 1. Visit Mummy3D’s website to gain their token contact address. Alternatively, you should be able to find it via Etherscan.
  • 2. Copy the token contact address.
  • 3. In MetaMask, click “Add New Token” and paste in the address.
  • 4. All the other fields will populate automatically. You can now press the “Add” button.

Selling M3D Tokiens From Metamask

  • 1. On the M3D exchange, click “Sell Now”.
  • 2. Enter the amount of Tokens you wish to spend and click “Sell Now”.
  • 3. You will receive a prompt from MetaMask to authorise the transaction. You will also be asked to type in an amount of Ethereum to serve as a transaction fee.
  • 4. Any Ethereum you gain from token sales will be added to your Dividends balance.

Withdrawing Your Dividends in Metamask

  • 1. On the M3D exchange, you will find an option for withdrawing Dividends.
  • 2. You will receive a prompt from MetaMask to authorise the transaction. You will also be asked to type in an amount of Ethereum to serve as a transaction fee.

When was first launched?

The Mummy3d launched/launching at the beginning of June 2018

What is

Mummy3D is a decentralized passive income system, operating on a smart contract basis on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to trade in standard ERC20 tokens, known as M3D Coins. You gain a small percentage of Ethereum with every purchase or sale of these tokens. How much Ethereum you are paid is calculated according to how many Mummy3D tokens you hold on the exchange.

Is Mummy3D compatible on mobile devices?

If you use TrustWallet, which is available on both Android and iOS devices, you can use the same seed words for your Metamask account. This allows you to use Metamask from your mobile devices, which will allow you to buy, sell and transfer M3D Coins with no problem.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a decentralized computing tool that enables users to trade in anything of value – money, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. – while negating the need for an intermediary or central authority. Essentially, with a smart contract, a system like that which Mummy3D uses can run and handle Ethereum transactions without any humans behind the operations.

Once up-and-running, can the site owners make changes to the code?

Mummy3D is powered solely by way of the Ethereum smart contract. Now that the site is live, the site owners cannot change smartcontract code.

If they wanted to, could the site owners close the site down?

The site owners are able to close the user interface for the Mummy3D exchange website whenever they want. However, the smart contract powering the system will still be up-and-running, and accessible from backup sites. Using one of these sites, you would be able to interact with the contract directly with no issue.

Also, since it is a decentralized exchange, Mummy3D does not answer to a government or central authority. The token will remain operational and viable until Ethereum no longer exists.

Can the site developers access my funds or wallet?

Since the exchange is run via the smart contract, it has been designed so that no developer or site owner can access users’ Ethereum funds or tokens. No human involvement is the whole point of a smart contract.

How are the funds stored?

Unlike many cryptocurrency exchanges, there are no private key or wallets involved in storing your M3D Coin tokens. The management and storage of all funds fall down to the smart contract. The code has been designed so that no developer or site owner can access users’ Ethereum funds or tokens. No human involvement is the whole point of a smart contract.

Can you explain how tokens are bought and sold?

By way of the smart contract, buying M3D Coins creates the tokens digitally, which causes the funds to be put directly into the contract. Selling tokens deletes them, for want of a better word, returning the funds to the user who sold the tokens.

Why is there such a big difference between the buy and sell prices for the tokens?

Remember the 10% exchange tax. This is applied for each and every transaction, whether buying and selling M3D Coins. When you total up the 10% buy tax and the 10% sell tax, there is an approximate 20% tax. This all gets distributed as earnings to other users holding Mummy3D’s tokens.

The difference in price between purchase and sale reflects this 20%-ish tax.

When does the exchange tax get applied?

Every transaction you make with a M3D Coin token incurs the 10% exchange tax. Every time you buy, every time you sell.

However, before you get put off, thinking that this is a huge surcharge, remember every user pays the same 10%. You receive a portion of every 10% tax paid for every transaction on the exchange. A payment of free Ethereum that constitutes your earnings. How much you actually earn depends on how many tokens you hold at the time, and the current transaction volume climate.

What’s so great about the Mummy3D M3D Dividends?

Your M3D Dividends, or earnings, are not dependent on the value of M3D Coins. They are paid in Ethereum out of the 10% taxes paid on every transaction across the exchange, and dependent on the number of tokens held per user.

The freedom to use your earnings is solely yours. The smart contract is designed so that the Ethereum cannot be removed – even if the developers wanted to, they could not. Reinvest the Ethereum for more M3D Coins, withdraw them, or leave them exactly where they are and watch them grow further!

What sort of figures can I expect to earn on Mummy3D?

The nature of the cryptocurrency game is unpredictable. As such, you should not go in expecting to make much, if anything. Your earnings are based on transaction volume, so if there are loads of transactions and you hold enough tokens, then you can make a fair amount of Ethereum. But if no transactions happen one day, you will earn nothing.

Mummy3D even advise on their website that earning Ethereum is a possibility, not a guarantee, and they would prefer you go in expecting not to earn any.

Define reinvestment....

If you choose to reinvest, this means you are opting to take your current earnings or M3D Dividends and exchange them again for M3D Coins. Naturally, this incurs the same 10% tax surcharge as the other types of transactions.

It’s an advantage, really. The more tokens you hold, the higher your earnings from transactions by other users.

How often should I reinvest my Ethereum?

There is no specific rule as to how frequently you should reinvest. It’s an investment choice on your part. Whatever way you choose to strategize. There is no right or wrong way, but the forums are full of suggestions if you’re still a little unsure.

Does my token holding balance already have the 10% sell tax applied?

Yes, the figure on the holdings page shows your token holdings with the 10% sell tax included. This means you can withdraw your full listed balance without having to pay a further 10% surcharge.

Who am I selling my M3D Coin tokens to?

When you sell your tokens, they go directly to the smart contract. The tokens are then deleted and removed from the supply. The contract directly pays you back in Ethereum, which go into your M3D Dividends for reinvestment or withdrawal.

When I come to sell, if there is not enough money in the contract, what happens?

There will always be enough money in the contract. M3D Coin tokens’ value fluctuates slightly with every purchase or sale. The more people buy, the more Ethereum the M3D Coins are worth; the opposite is true with selling.

What is a masternode?

You can gain bonus Ethereum earnings if you buy enough Mummy3D tokens. When you have enough tokens to get a masternode, all you have to do is share the link. Then reap the rewards from other purchases. That is, whenever a M3D Coin token is directly bought from someone who clicked your masternode link, you are entitled to 33% of the earnings – call it “commission”.

Am I able to make purchases using my own masternode?

You cannot use your own masternode to make purchases with the same wallet. If you try to do this, you incur the same 10% tax that gets distributed to all other users. In other words, the usual purchase process occurs, and you receive no masternode rewards.

What effect does higher purchases have on users’ Dividends?

Every user who holds M3D Coins will receive Dividends paid in Ethereum for every purchase, sale or transfer that takes place. The amount you, as a user, receive, is dependent on your own individual token holdings.

Remember, as more tokens are purchased, the M3D Coin’s value also increases slightly (but also don’t forget it goes down again when tokens are sold). So with every purchase, the M3D Coin is worth more Ethereum, a portion of which is paid to you with every transaction.

However, if your holdings do not increase or decrease as more tokens are minted, the percentage you take as Dividends will be less each time. The trick is to reinvest your Dividends over time so that your token holdings increase, and with it, the percentage you receive as earnings.

How does the value of a M3D Coin token get calculated?

The M3D Coin tokens’ is controlled by the smart contract, based on the transaction volume at the time, i.e. how many outgoing purchases and sales there are.

How does the Mummy3D exchange determine my token holdings?

There is a specific page that shows how many M3D Coin tokens you hold. They are calculated by multiplying the number of M3D Coins you own by their individual sell price. Remember, the sell price is controlled by the transaction activity on the exchange.